When I started this website in January 2014 I thought it might be the swan song to a place that had captured my heart. Guess again.  Almost a year later to the day, I moved into a house that I bought. Talk about commitment. Oh my. And then?

It snowed. And snowed and SNOWED.


If I took a photo right now out the window– you would still see banks of snow. Gah. So much for a honeymoon . . . but truth be told? It was super pretty. The kind of unbelievably soft, flaky, sparkly snow that if I saw it in a movie I would have called it out for being totally fake. And my dogs happen to adore snow– so fun was had. However, Spring is here so bring on the sun!

Last week, Forrest and I headed to the West Side to slip and slide along the sidewalks as we reveled in all the good things to be found at White Electric, cluck! and Jephry’s.

That’s right, coffee, scones, garden supplies, candles and fresh flowers.

Pretty much the perfect antidote to March in New England.

The funny thing about White Electric is that the vibe I got from checking out its website is so different from how it felt to go in there. For me, the url was a bit cold and stark, but the place is fabulous! Warm, super friendly staff, great mix of people and art everywhere. In fact, if I wanted a go-to place to know what’s happening around town, I think their bulletin board has to be the place.

I mean, how can you not smile when you leave a place that has XOXO on it’s door?


provy_squamweds_cluck_10_home provy_squamweds_cluck_06

Above are a couple of photos from cluck! which is “a small, woman-owned business founded in 2013 that has the tools, supplies, ideas and education needed to grow, raise and preserve your own food.” There are also all sorts of fabulous gifts (I simply could not resist three of those gorgeous candles you see above). At the heart of their business are the year-round classes, workshops, readings, and amazing teaching garden to help anyone get some dirt under their fingers. What I love most of all is that cluck! has set down roots on what was once and abandoned 1950′s gas station. Did I mention they keep bees and raise chickens, too?  Oh yes.

From there we headed down the street to Jephry’s which I had always wanted to check out since I first saw their arrangements at Seven Stars.


Full of fresh flowers, succulents, cards and all sorts of pretty things that lift the spirits, Jephry’s did not disappoint. Au contraire, the owner himself was there and shared the history of the place (it was an auto repair shop back in the day) and the wonderful synchronicity that led him to open the shop.

Oh yes– THIS is what I’m talking about. Forget malls and the golden mile of big box stores filled with the same old/same old carted over from who knows where in massive containers. Ducking into small shops where the owner is behind the counter, friendly, kind– passionate about what they do and happy to share their story with you. For me, this is the heart and soul of Providence and I am so glad to be back here on this site ready to share my weekly finds and happenings.

bisous, e

photo credit:  Forrest Elliott


MEET Hannah Garrison!

A year into living here, I met Hannah through the lovely Sarah Rainwater (who you will meet soon, I’m sure). Hannah is a mover & shaker and all-around maker. It’s a bit challenging to sum up all that she does as just a snapshot of what she’s got going on is enough to have me reaching for some healing essences . . more on that below.

Hannah founded Wear Your Music, she is a business consultant and mama to two children under the age of four. Wha-wha? hannah_diptych

One of the many things I admire most about Hannah is her clear, powerful self-confidence. If she could bottle and sell THAT, man– she’d be docking her yacht in Newport. However, all is not lost because she IS bottling something wonderful!


This summer Hannah launched her latest endeavor:  Calm-A-Mama.  I’m using the doggy one on Daisy to mellow out her need to bark from anxiety and so far so good, but enough about me and my dogs– let’s meet Hannah.


pictured above: Hannah with her husband Chris and their two children at the Providence Flea last Sunday

How long have you lived in Providence?

This time I’ve lived here since October when we bought a sweet little house in Fox Point. But I also lived here for a year and a half five years ago and also for another year thirteen years ago.

Where were you living before you moved here?

For the last 5 years my husband and I were living in and rehabbing an 8,000 sq foot brick Main Street building in Woonsocket (see it HERE on Apartment Therapy). Before that there was Providence, NYC, Mexico, Portland and NYC.

How do you describe the city to someone?

The Portland, OR of the east coast!

Seriously though, it is a sweet, motivated, artistic, entrepreneurial little city.

It’s walkable (which is so key to me as a New Yorker). And the people are nice and smart.  The colleges keep it fresh and the weather keeps us on our toes.

Something you love to do/see?

Right now I love to lie in the grass at India Point park and stare at the water as my kids sleep in the stroller. I also love the farmers market (I’m for Wednesday on Hope Street, it is less overwhelming than Saturday.) There is a new coffee shop called, appropriately, The Shop, just on Wickenden Street and I love coffee there mid morning (and by mid, I mean 9:30AM).

In the chain of drinking and eating, I have a tent at the Providence Flea for Calm-a-Mama and I am obsessed with the food trucks there.  Right now it is pulled pork for a pretzel roll from Noble knots. But there is so much, really.  Waterfire, bike path, Children’s Museum, just walking around is architectural splendor (duh).

Three people I should know?

Only three? Gosh.

Rachel Hulin – Photographer Extrodinaore.

Renee – Master designer as part of Gold  Collective

Mary Claire Dilks – Phenomenal Acupuncturist with splashy style.

JP and Diana Murton

Thank you, Hannah– and yes– she is a whiz with numbers– Four is the new Three . . :)


what was that I-Ching reading again?

Oh yes, #31

A lake on the mountain: 
“the superior man encourages people
to approach him by his readiness to receive them . .

This comes to mind right now as I recently learned that FRINGE is coming to Providence?!
(big shout of thanks to the Wilbury Theatre Group)

The hell?  Fringe? My long-time obsession.  My statement to the universe that I would someday get to Edinburgh in August in order to experience this? And, of course– I have not yet gotten to Edinburgh yet lo, if you stay steady with the lake on the mountain— damn, if the party doesn’t come to you.

In a word? Am psyched.  I hope this takes hold and becomes yet another fabulous creative endeavor that feeds this beautiful community.


Also– I once upon a time promised to share all my favorite services i.e. acupuncture, dentist, massage,  etc– and have not followed through on that.  BUT, today I shall begin.

This comes to mind because right down the street from where I live is Harmony on Hope — a most fabulous place to get the kinks worked out and Shannon just told me yesterday that they won Best of Rhode Island! Woot— so I am not the only one who would recommend them to you . .  (just bought tix for the PARTY for Best of RI– yes, we are much with the parties this summer).

Some of my current bests:

Best DENTIST (trust me on this I went to 3 before I found this fabulous office).  Of course, it didn’t hurt that it was called “Light & Champagne” — seriously.  Dr. Champagne is now gone but I see Dr. Conforti and he is fabulous– as is his team.  So you are in good hands.

Best FACIAL (again, I can walk to this so perhaps I am biased to all that is near to me?  No, it’s that good.  I would drive here if I had to). Also– fun side note– on the sidebar up there is the silly kiss photograph I snapped with my phone at Alayne’s.  Her place is filled with such kitsch that makes me happy– like the bathroom is full-on Wonder Woman love.

Best ACUPUNCTURE. Okay, that link is to Cat who IS fabulous– but I see her associate Jen (who doesn’t have a website) who has totally saved my life.  She is that good. You can reach her through Cat as she works out of that gorgeous office (and yes, I can walk there .. . sensing a theme about my daily life?) Not that I get a facial, massage, acupuncture and see the dentist each week . . . as if.  Just that I seem to walk everywhere in this town and I love that so much.  And, I want to bring to your attention that when I first moved here I was thrilled to the core to learn that Providence has COMMUNITY acupuncture —> PCA ! This is fabulous. And, kind of amazing.  To be able to get help for $15 – $35 dollars a visit?  Amazing.

Oops– gotta run.  It’s Monday and we are moving Squam HQ office this month from our beloved “gray lady” on Waterman to a brand-new space in Hope Artiste.  Super exciting. More on that– but for now, pics from the weekend walkabout.

sunday_walk4sunday_walk5sunday_walk9walk_lillies_july6 walk_roses_july6

peace out, e


meet Andy Cutler!

As a gardner, I adhere to the maxim about perennials, “first year they sleep, second year they creep, third year they leap.” So, seeing that I just celebrated my third year here in Providence it’s no wonder that I am finally meeting the makers and shakers of this fair town.

Chief among them: local hero Andy Cutler. I posted the photo of Fertile Underground above (courtesy of No Trash Project) as that is often where you can find Andy taking meetings on his beloved West Side and, it is where I first met him to talk about my ideas and plans for Squam in the City(Yes! Squam comes to Providence . . . c’mon, you knew that was only a matter of time).

Of course, you can’t spend any time with Andy and not be amazed by the breadth and diversity of the many (many!) projects that he has going on at any time.

andy_350-2Is he the unofficial mayor of Providence?

That might not be too far from the mark.

He has helped usher the Better World by Design conference into existence and is the master-mind behind #ourPVD.

What is #ourPVD?

It is a digital salon series where Andy gathers a group of entrepreneurs, engineers, activists, professors, restaurateurs, and other doers in a room to share events, projects, bands, and other interesting/inspiring factoids with one another, then blast those facts out, rapid-fire, on social media using the hashtag #ourPVD. Or, another way to spin it would be to describe it as “part speed-dating, part trivia game, part frat party.” (SOURCE: local hero).

Andy also maintains a Pinterest Board, PVD = PROVIDENCE that is the go-to place for seeing what’s happening– that is, if you aren’t already following him @andypvd or @SmallerCitiesU or @OurPVD

Can we say the man knows how to get the word out?

Honestly, I’m thinking Kevin Bacon has nothing on this guy. Seriously. If we decided to play a game of SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION from ANDY CUTLER, chances are he’s at the hub of our whole little world here in Provy. So let’s get to know him better, yes?


Since 2003.




It’s a city of just under 180,000 that “punches above its weight.” Home to some of the most creative people I have encountered. On any given day, there are many things to do and see around the city. After a decade, I am still finding new things to do and see, and that is the sign of a vibrant city.


My list would be very long, but among my most favorite activities and events in Providence is A Better World by Design the world’s premiere conference on socially conscious design led by Brown and RISD students. I have been involved in the conference since its inception in 2008, and have been amazed to see how it has grown from the early days. It’s one of the most inspiring events around!


Only three? That’s a tough one!

A) Jim Nellis the founder of RI Food Fights, and great ambassador for the City! An unmatched sense of humor and unique perspective on sense of place. Jim chronicles what he sees and hears everyday via social media and Providence is lucky to have him as digital curator and steward!

B) Jeff Drury Interactive Designer/Developer at the Business Innovation Factory; has been on the Providence scene for many years. Designer, music + food lover extraordinaire! The personification of cool!

C) Rachel Rosenkrantz Riemer + Jen Long – The brains behind The Whale Guitar; designers, musicians, and big idea people where anything is possible! Everyone in Rhode Island should be this optimistic!

Okay– so asking the unofficial mayor of Providence to name only three people was definitely not fair, but hey– those are the questions I ask everyone.

Hope you are all planning on a wonderful 4th of July celebration!

Peace out, e

Misquamicut beach :: photo credit, Kaitlyn Bouchard

keeping cool

Just jumping in quickly to share moments from yesterday and today.

Yes, as often as I walk out the door with the dogs on leads to wander the streets and neighborhoods, I also throw them in the back of the car and drive off to places they can roam freely.

This morning we wandered the quiet paths of Lincoln Woods where they got to enjoy a dip in the water.


I am wishing now that I took more photos as there are fabulous view spots along the sunset trails, but then again, sometimes it’s good just to BE in the woods and not be reaching your phone, n’est-ce pas?


And then, in the office this morning, Kaitlyn shared her photos from Misquamicut beach (pictured above) where she was yesterday which got me to thinking, yet again — I really like it here.

Most especially in the summertime.

You’ve got city life, quiet woods with fresh water and beaches in every direction.


xo, e

Misquamicut Beach shot by KAITLYN BOUCHARD



summer in the city!

Honeysuckle bobbing in the breeze? Roses spilling across the sidewalk?

On Nantucket, sure– but in the city?

Um, yes. Most definitively. Particularly if you take a stroll from the top of Mount Hope and wander down the backside of the hill through the area referred to as Summit.


This section of town is a recent discovery for me and I am rather besotted with the small cottage-y vibe you get on these streets shaded by giant maples, chestnuts and oaks most especially at this time of year when people’s gardens are rich, wild and filled with bright-colored perennials giving the house paint a run for its money.

Of course you can head all the way down to Lippit Park which is a beautiful destination at the bottom of Hope Street any day of the week, but in the summer it’s also where they hold the Farmer’s Market on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings so we often end up there.


Today, however, we stopped midway at Seven Stars as the dogs were ready for some water and a ginger scone.

What? You don’t share bakery goods with your mutts?  Just me then . . .

Waiting in line I gazed at the bulletin board and savored, yet again– all there is going on in this pretty town.

More on the flip side.

Keep it cool – xo, e



Before starting this site, I knew the biggest challenge would be keeping up with ALL that I am seeing and discovering on a daily basis.

For the glass half-full person Providence is a TREASURE trove worthy of Aladdin.  Of course for the glass half-empty soul, this city can be overwhelming with all the magic waiting behind closed doors.


Me?  I am just taking it all in and trying to share it with you as best I can.

In the past few months I have spent a fair amount of time at my beloved ATHENAEUM– and that alone, is hard to encapsulate as this is an extraordinary resource as a library, as a community center, as an intellectual smorgasboard of wonderful Friday night salons.


And?  Dogs are welcome.  (seriously– they have dog biscuits at the desk!)

And?  They have tons of kids programs for those of you with children. Plus if you are into dvds– they have thousands to loan out.

Below are photos from RISD’s gorgeous FLEET library which I get to enjoy as a member of the Athenaeum — I know, right?  Like does the goodness ever end?  Um, no– rhetorical. The goodness. It never ends.

Beyond being housed in an absolutely gorgeous old building that was a bank, once upon a time, the Fleet has the most amazing materials resource center that would take a whole blog of its own to share with you.


Of course, when I take my head outside to try and give it breathing room from all of those ideas and images– what am I faced with but some kind of enchanted village.Yea verily! Even the sidewalks are covered in pink petals which feels utterly decadent.


I think you get the idea.  Blossoms we got.

Also?  Masses of honeysuckle, wisteria over walls, porches — even draped over a stop sign.  It’s madness.  This is part of the reason why I can’t seem to post here. It feels like anything I might share doesn’t begin to capture it. Plus, I have been traveling — was out on Vancouver Island for a spell. And then once I got back, I dove right into all the stuff there is to do around here.

One of my most favorite films recently at the Cable Car was Finding Vivian Maier. I thought it was a superbly edited film. There have also been no few visitors passing through and lots of exploring new neighborhoods and restaurants.

vivianmaierRight now, I am rather smitten with the area stretching down from the top of Hope Street– the area on the left all the way down to 11th and 12th streets across from Lippit Park. The streets are so charming with a preponderance of smaller homes in the craftsman style. It’s also much greener than other corners of the East Side such as Fox Point.  The trees are old and big. Lots of the yards spill out in that messy, perennials-gone-feral kind of way that I love so much.

I’ve also recently discovered South Providence. South Providence?  I know– right? Who knew such a thing existed.  It does– over the bridge, past Olga’s as you head toward Roger Williams Park. There’s a new Diner that just opened its doors that I popped into.


Another one of my most favorite finds recently was Tea in Sahar (thanks to Asya). Hellloooo morrocochino! My new favorite coffee– oh my.

The other night some friends and I went to see Book of Mormon at the Providence Performing Arts Center (PPAC) and I was a bit blown out of my socks. I had no idea! I was just there to see a show and WHAM.  Did you all know about this place? I guess I had heard people talk about “PPAC” but honestly, it sounded like some sort of disease or a place you go for a flu shot.

The only photo I got on my phone is below, but if you have any interest– just google PPAC and click on ‘images’. You will quickly get a sense of what I am talking about.


There’s still more I have to share with you, but I am feeling like I am getting closer to being up to date now, so to recap.

Spring is here.

Providence and I are still an item.


bisous, e


meet christine chitnis!

Snow?  In May– um, no.  Not at all– below are photos of this week’s sumptuous beauty.  And, no doubt my dear friend Sissy aka Christine Chitnis, will not be pleased I am using photos I snapped all those long months ago as we were out and about on a February afternoon.  I had every intention of posting the ‘meet Sissy’ post then, but you know– life rolled away from me and here we are.

The thing is, I LOVE these two photos of her as it shows her sass, her style and her ridiculously fit body as a mom to two boys under the age of 4.

It is inspiring to live around the corner from a rock star.  And yes, TOTAL nepotism here, but the good kind of nepotism as it is due to Ms. Chitnis that I ever moved to Providence so I have her to thank for this wild love affair I am having with this town. The other thing is, she is a photographer so it’s not often that you will catch her in front of the lens.

And? a world traveler.

This past winter she and her husband Vijay traveled around India with the boys in tow.

Did I fail to note that she is insane intrepid?


photos courtesy of Christine Chitnis

I used to dream about living outside of the city, having a sprawling piece of property teeming with wildlife, farm animals, and kids running wild and free.  I yearned for this way of life.  Then I spent time on a few farms- gorgeous, working farms, the kind of farms I thought I wanted- and only then did I realize I already have everything I desire right here in Providence.”


One way thing she did to help make her dreams come true was that she and a team of like-minded individuals took on city hall and won the right to keep chickens in their backyards.

The best way to sum her up is that she is wildly creative– makes her own clothes, writes a beautiful, inspiring blog, her second book is being published in 2015, gardens, keeps chickens and did I mention she has two very young kids?  Like I said. Rock. Star.


Six years ago — which kinda blows my mind!


I moved from Chicago (though I am a Michigander through and through).  We moved to Providence when my husband received a job offer from Brown, his alma mater.  We had one weekend to explore the city, decide to move here, and find an apartment!


The coolest, funkiest, artsiest, foodiest, most laid back town in New England.  It is a college town, a town bustling with young families, and a town where many people were born, raised and will never leave. I love the mix of lifers and transient residents- it makes for a cool mix.  I must be pretty good at selling this place because I got YOU to move here.


Oh my gosh, this is tough.  I am out walking with my two boys every single day.  We walk to Thayer Street where we love to go to The Brown Bookstore.  I always stop at Blue State for their coffee (my fave).  We walk around Brown, which has a gorgeous, historic campus. I adore Hope Street- Frog and Toad, Seven Stars, the Rochambeau Library and all the other cute shops.
The Saturday farmer’s market on Hope Street is my favorite weekend activity in the spring and summer.
My husband and I love the restaurant scene:
Gracies….our list goes on and on.
Above all I love my community- I love my community garden friends, our Brown circle of friends, all my mom friends, and the cool, artsy, freelance friends (like you, Ms. E!).


1. Asher and Erin Schofield (owners of Frog and Toad)
2. Sarah Jagger (owner of a clothing line and an amazing, insanely talented seamstress)

3. Natalie Morello (owner of Shoppe Pioneer- I don’t know her well, but I LOVE her shop!)

Thanks for playing along, Sissy!


tea in sahara


carlyayres-350-stripesAs life would have it, there are quite a few people who have left Providence yet still remember it fondly and so I thought it would be a fun (randomly recurring) feature to ask them what they miss about this creative hive.

CARLY AYRES now lives in Brooklyn where she works at CreativeMornings, writes for Core77 and is President of the Studiomates Cheese Club.

Yes, she is living the life!

CARLY-700photos of Carly courtesy ofJULIA ROBBS for Tattly

Lucky for us, she is always happy to reminisce about sweet times in this city and answered some questions for us below.


Not long enough. I lived in Providence for four years while completing a BFA in Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design.


Following my graduation in June, I joined most of my fellow RISD graduates in a mass exodus to Brooklyn, as part of the natural rite of art school passage. I now call Gowanus home, a block away from the tepid canal that is the area’s namesake.



The Providence canal on a warm summer day was the perfect place to sit and share a Two-for-Tuesday sandwich deal from Geoff’s. A close second would be the East Bay Bike Path.


I would immediately get in line at Nick’s on Broadway to grab one of their highly sought after tables for brunch, where we would gorge ourselves on brioche French toast and grilled muffins.

This would be followed by a walk to the Providence Public Library to check out their rare books collection—one of Providence’s best-kept secrets introduced to me by RISD professor Benjamin Shaykin. Once I saw that, we would feel absolutely obligated to go to Cellar Stories to unearth whatever unknown treasures are on their shelves this month.risd-composite

This would promptly be followed by a second breakfast at Olga’s, toad-in-the-hole, before sauntering over to the RISD Museum of Art & Design to linger over their 20th Century wing. In particular, I have a soft spot for their valentine Portable Typewriter and Zaha Hadid tea service.

We’d cut down Benefit to swing by the Providence Athenaeum, before heading over to Wickenden.

Making our way down Wickenden, we would drop by the Curatorium* and say hello to Matt Bird, who still haunts my History of Industrial Design dreams. We’d get a coffee at Coffee Exchange, rejuvenate, before making our way down to Duck & Bunny Snuggery for evening morsels and a cupcake, of course.


My best friend and I used to head to New Rivers after a successful, or unsuccessful, critique to drink in celebration or drown our sorrows over artisanal cheese plates and seasonal vegetables.  Beneath twinkle lights and branches, we would exchange the triumphs and utter failures that became of our latest creative endeavors. The restaurant’s cozy atmosphere and delectable dishes provided the perfect place to share and laugh.

::  ::  ::  ::  ::

Thank you, Carly!  Good to know I am not the only one who eats my way across town.  Though I am still campaigning with Olga’s to change the name from ‘toad-in-the-hole’ to what my mom always called them when I was growing up, ‘portrait eggs’ — they are still my go to fave, for sure!  Also– New Rivers, yes!  Definitely holding steady in my top five most fave restaurants in town.

*Sadly, the Curatorium is no more



snow & shopping!

Given that I spent nearly twenty years in the white mountains of New Hampshire, what most people refer to as ‘winter’ around here is what November once was to me.

Yet, have no doubt –  the polar vortex most definitely had its way with us!  Snow was had.


This did slow us all down and make it much more tempting to stay home than hit the streets, but last weekend I had a friend here visiting from Plum Island, MA and so I had to show her some of my favorite shopping destinations.

Please note:  this is barely a start . . there are SUCH wonderful, independently owned enterprises in Providence that I will be sharing loads more in the coming months.  For now, let’s start with a couple hits on the East side, namely Butterfield, Frog & Toad, Studio Hop and Olive del Mundo.

And while I am in full disclosure mode– please do visit their websites for GREAT photographs– as I am just snapping shots with my phone and am not a pro photog who can do their beautiful spaces justice.

First up:  Butterfield!  Set in pretty Wayland Square, this lovely shop is ideal for those in need of interior decor ideas and inspiration.  They have a beautiful space in the back for home improvement plans and clearly offer those design/decor services.  For me, it is the perfect spot to find a gorgeous candle or that one-of-a-kind birthday gift.  Plus?  Everyone who works there is so kind, warm and helpful.  It’s a delight just to go in and feel the creative vibe.


From there we hoofed it up to Hope Street and tucked into three lovely shops there.

Frog & Toad is a hoot — I mean where else are you greeted by a Viking-esque metal creatures?


This is a true harbinger of what’s to come inside which is a floor-to-ceiling treasure trove of kitsch, dorm decor and cards cards cards — did we mention they have cards?

They have pretty much everything.  No doubt you will find something you didn’t even know you needed.  It’s that kind of fun.


A few doors down you will step into a bit of old Europe at Olive del Mundo.  It seems the idea of olive oil tasting spots is catching on as a trend but THIS place is unlike the chains and franchises you might stumble into.  Olive del Mundo is independently owned and operated and you feel the care, thought and impeccable choices in every corner of the shop.

Yes, there are the most GORGEOUS olive oils on hand, replete with owner/vineyard pedigrees — but there are also gourmet goodies of every stripe:  balsamic vinegars, French caramel candies, olive oil lotions & potions, and sundry kitchen items to support the gourmand lifestyle.

I love so much about this shop! But will limit myself to mentioning two things:  butter flavored olive oil (yes!  perfect for spraying on popcorn) and that you get to bring your bottles back for refill.

This is my kind of lifestyle people.  SO. YUM.


Across the street is one of the city’s very best bakeries — which is saying a lot for a town with a strong Italian, French and Portuguese heritage– Seven Stars.

There are a number of utterly fabulous bakeries that I will happily introduce you to, but this is the one in my ‘hood, the one I visit most frequently — so we will begin here.


If you are partial to pecan sticky buns, ginger scones, olive bread and sourdough batards — you might also want to find a personal trainer when you move to Providence because OH DEAR LORD — off the charts good.  SO good.  The real deal.  And great coffee, too.  It’s a true neighborhood destination and for the warmer months they have a beautiful outdoor area of wrought iron seating with a pergola covered in vines to provide shade— beyond sweet.

A few doors down is one of the first places I discovered when I settled in here:  Studio Hop.  The window displays are always enticing and change frequently so it feels vibrant and interesting each time I pass by.

studiohop1studiohop3studiohop13studiohop10studiohop5 studiohop15

Each item is carefully curated.  There is jewelry (my most favorite ring ever came from here!), paintings, ceramics, clothing, leather goods, eclectic furniture and all sorts of beautiful hand-made goods.

Wow.  That’s just one little outing– you can see why one weekend is never enough to experience it all– we didn’t even make it down to Westminster! And I haven’t even told you where we went for dinner –

Oh well, time enough for that another day.

bisous, e

hey there!

Providence love? Yes. Everyday I love it more. I wanted to document the house colors, the amazing light, the roof lines, the trees, the water, the food -- oh, people-- the food! -- but seeing as I am super lazy with one too many ideas and projects that never see the light of day, it took creating this website to put a fire under my butt. et voilà, provylove . . .
keep reading...

what else?

what are YOUR favorites? do you have info about upcoming events, local loves or wanders I should check out?
feel free to drop me a line

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